Purpose and Classification

Drawings--Purpose and Classification

The primary purpose of a drawing is to convey engineering requirements for a finished product or part. A set of drawings for a system or a product contains sufficient engineering information so that the following key functions may be performed by those who are responsible.

  1. Order material
  2. Plan manufacturing operations, tooling and manufacturing facilities
  3. Process material
  4. Inspect and control product quality and reliability
  5. Assemble
  6. Test
  7. Package, box and ship
  8. Determine cost
  9. Catalog
  10. Install and service
  11. Conduct final acceptance test
  12. Make alterations
  13. Record for duplication, repair or replacement

Copies of engineering drawings should not be distributed outside the company without proper consideration for protection of proprietary information (See also Section 4.10, "Proprietary Information Management."). The company patent counsel should be consuIted as to the proper procedures. Copies of engineering drawings which are to be sent to military agencies are subject to the Terms and conditions of the contract under which they are acquired.

Introduction to ISO Standards

As companies compete in an increasingly global marketplace, knowledge of international standards relating to products, processes and services will become critical. While U.S. readers may be familiar with the ISO 9000 series on quality management, many other ISO standards exist that may ultimately have just as profound an impact on U.S. business and industry. This new section will serve the same function as the rest of the book, beginning with an introduction to standards by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the primary international standardizing group outside of the U.S. Initially this section will discuss how ISO is organized, who makes up ISO, how ISO standards are developed and how these standards affect or will affect U.S. technical practitioners. Over time, this section will be expanded to address the specific application of ISO standards applicable in the U.S. workplace.