Abbreviations for Use on Drawings and Technical Documentation

This section of the Drafting Manual establishes abbreviations for words and terms used on engineering drawings and other documents such as specifications, technical procedures and standards. Its purpose is to provide standard abbreviations and terms that are generally understood in the technical field. Their extended use conserves time and space on technical documents and other forms of communications.

In addition to abbreviations commonly used in the technical field, a selected list of abbreviations used for scientific and engineering terms are also included in this section. They are derived from ANSI Z10.1, 1941. Also included are abbreviations for cable and magnet wire.

Since they must be interpreted, abbreviations should only be used when their meanings are unambiguous.

Standard Data Elements for Units of Measure

Since engineering documentation provides the basic information for accumulating quantities of materials used within a product, it is desirable that the codes and abbreviations used for units of measure be the same. Since in this situation it is not feasible, the standard abbreviations for units of measure as described in Section 13.1 shall continue to be used as in the past. When Units of Measure Codes are also desired on engineering drawings, lists, etc., they may be shown elsewhere on the document. For example, on a parts list, the code can be shown as an additional line entry at the bottom of the list.

In general, such information should only be shown on the parts list, wiring list, etc. If the list is integral with the drawing, then the line entry should be made within the list on the drawing.

Letter Symbols for Units

This standard establishes the symbols for units in all applications in the fields of electrical science and electrical engineering, including use of text and equations, in graphs and diagrams, and artworks for both commercial and government use.

The purpose of this standard is to present the intent of ANSI/ IEEE STD 260-1978. The current recommendations emphasize the symbolic character of these designations and rigidly prescribe the manner in which they shall be treated. The concept of the unit symbol is adopted in this standard.