Sheet Metal Practice

Sheet Metal Practice

This section contains specific information related to the documentation and specification practices for sheet metal. The practices defined herein are limited to those of a general nature since local practice is affected so heavily by sheet metal equipment availability such as bending brakes, presses, numerical controlled machines, and forming dies and punches.

Sheet Metal Design Documentation

Stamping is the art of press working sheet metal to change its shape either with or without accompanying shearing or punching. This section provides information about the methods used to produce this change in shape. Other information is included to aid in specifying material designations, stock requirements, and enhancements for producibility. This section also provides basic empirical layout and drafting practices specifically related to metal stampings.

Sheet Metal Design Considerations

The following design considerations illustrate some of the important points that should be factored into the design of stampings to promote standardization of elements and features of approved detail design. When unusual conditions occur in the design, consult a specialist in die engineering.