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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Comprehension Exam

Since this exam (GDTCE) focuses on the same technical topics, it serves as an excellent practice exercise for those preparing for the ASME Technologist Level Examination that must be passed to earn Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional - Technologist certification.

Number of Questions: 50
Passing Score: 895
Time Limit: 100 minutes

The exam consists of multiple choice questions. Mark your response to each question by checking the box to the left of the correct answer letter. Note that some multiple choice questions may require more than one response.

We recommend that you quit all other applications before starting the exam. If, while taking the exam, your computer becomes unusable, do not attempt to submit the exam. Instead, after resetting your system, return to this page and begin the exam again. For the Demo, the previous answers will be lost. (The full-length exam retains partially completed exam answers and allows you to continue where you left off.)

The exam keeps track of the time you use to complete it. The clock starts when you begin the exam and stops when you submit your answer to the last question of the exam. When viewing your exam results, the elapsed time indicates how long you spent on the exam.

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