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Get Acrobat Reader Verifying Dimensional Requirements Study Guide

Verification of dimension requirements can be accommodated through the use of coordinate measurement machines (CMM), functional gages, and open inspection setups. This tutorial explains how dimensional requirements may be verified using functional gages and open setup methods. Concepts included in this section are shown for verification of specific dimensional requirements. There are multiple means of verifying most dimensional requirements. The means of verification shown in this tutorial is intended to clarify the dimensional requirement created by tolerance specifications. It is not intended to indicate a single method that should be used to verify each tolerance type. It is important to realize that the tools, methods, and accuracy of the process are all factors in determining the accuracy of dimensional requirements verification.

This Study Guide is available as an Adobe PDF file. In order to view it, you must have installed Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the free reader, click the "Acrobat Reader" icon.

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Verifying Dimensional Requirements Study Quiz

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